Rough Chowder hail from Sussex and present a lively repertoire of traditional and revamped Cajun, Zydeco and Swamp Blues from the Bayou’s of Louisiana.

Cajun music is dance music, whether played in the dancehall, on the back porch or in a field during Mardi Gras. It’s a music that transcends the ages, with the youngsters being transfixed by the flame haired lady playing the washboard and a tempo that dares you to stick to the spot and not grab a dance partner. Rough Chowder will take you on a transatlantic journey with the beautiful melodies of the accordion and fiddle playing the Cajun two step and waltz mixed with their foot stomping swamp blues and Zydeco

Influenced and inspired by some of the greats such as the Balfa Brothers, Octa Clarke and Boc Sec Ardroin, but also by the new generation of Cajun bands such as Feufollet and Pineleaf Boys, Rough Chowder have brought their unique sound across the Atlantic to the UK combining the traditional songs with some of the more obscure Cajun and Creole tracks, together with elements of rockabilly and Western swing.

Singing in a both Cajun French and English, Rough Chowder maintain a smooth tempo for traditional two steps and waltzes and foot stomping high energy Zydeco to get your groove on. LAISSEZ LES BONS TEMPS ROULER!

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Ian McIlroy – Accordion / Vocals
Cheryl McIlroy – Frottoir / Tit-fer / Vocals
Andrew Craggs – Guitar / Vocals
Mike Fitzsimons - Bass
Olivier Cantaloube - Drums

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Although a relatively new band, the Zydeco Diamonds have a musical pedigree and collective history in Zydeco music which spans over 20 yrs.

Featuring top musicians, well respected as some of the finest exponents of Cajun and Zydeco music outside of Louisiana.

The Zydeco Diamonds are focussing on a more traditional old school style of Zydeco, moving away from the modern 'hip hop influenced sounds which have become mainstream in Louisiana dance halls today, instead embracing the older unique sounds and irresistible grooves of a sometimes forgotten golden age of Zydeco, whilst adding their own fresh spice and flavour to the mix.

The band have been influenced and inspired by musicians such as Corey Ledet, Jeffery Broussard, Cedric Watson to name but a few. These young Louisiana musicians are very much looking back to their Creole heritage and roots, re-discovering and re-popularizing the musical style passed down from generations before, and adding a fresh contempory flavour which is once again packing the dancehalls of Louisiana and beyond.

The Zydeco Diamonds deliver irresistible, funky, foot stomping high energy Zydeco dance music, pure and simple, loud and direct, from your head down to your dancing feet.

The Band;

Accordion - Gavin Lewery

Drums - Andy Watson

Guitar - Kev Torne

Bass - Rob Hill

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Cajuns Denbo began singing in English and French but, as things progressed and original material was written, Welsh began to take prominence. This was so successful that traditional Cajun songs already in the repertoire were soon being played with lyrics translated into Welsh. Cajun and Welsh form a very happy marriage, bringing together the traditions of two bilingual cultures which have many similarities. It's a joyful mix, as witnessed by those who have caught the band live.




Formed in the dim and distant past of 1993, in Stoke-on-Trent, Elvis Fontenot have evolved to become the premier European swamp'n'roll outfit that they are today

Lineup is Nick Barber (Accordion/Vocals/Frottoir), Paul Asher (Accordion/Fiddle/Mandolin), Hollie Vee Lucas (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Stuart Duthie (Bass/Harmonica/Vocals) and Chris Plimbley (Drums)










Joe Le Taxi play a mix of lively, raw Zydeco dance music, authentic Creole blues, sleazy shuffles and old-school Cajun waltzes influenced by the likes of John Delafose, Boozoo Chavis and Keith Frank, and have packed venues from Sidmouth to Shetland, and across Europe.


Accordian: Joe ( Rees Wesson)

Rubboard : Sioned Camlin

Guitar:       Kev Torne

Bass:         Clovis Phillips

Drums       Barry Jones


Traditional acoustic Cajun band Pon' Bro are a Welsh trio from the Caernarfon area with a long history playing roots 
music. Expect dance-floor friendly two-steps, waltzes and blues drawn from the repertoires of the Balfas, Eddie LeJeune,  Canray Fontenot and more.
Frances Smith - vocals, accordion, triangle
Nick Smith - fiddle
Owen Hughes - guitar